About ATI

Company Overview

  • 4 manufacturing plants
  • 4 shareholders
  • 62 employees
  • 76 different models of water heaters
  • 1400 different articles for chimneys and flue systems
  • 1300 major customers
  • 15.000 square meters of covered production area

These are ATI’s figures, a company that has been manufacturing appliances and accessories for the heating market since 1973.


Safety, Low Defectiveness, High Efficiency ... AT THE RIGHT PRICE !!!

These are the targets that ATI has assumed within the years, since 1973 when it started manufacturing appliances and components for the heating and sanitary hot water field. ATI’s care with respect to the market trends and requirements and the development and improvement of new vanguard products helped in the company growing up.


The company ATI was founded in 1973. The corporate purpose of the company is the "manufacturing and selling of appliances and components for the heating and sanitary hot water field". Vanguard patented products have always been the main feature of ATI’s manufacturing activity: its products have been ahead of their time, but have always been fully accepted by the market later.

ATI's history:

1973: ATI di Mariani & C. snc was born after previous experiences always in the heating technology field. The manufacturing programme is composed of a wide range of heating boilers, especially the model DUPLETERM that has two independent burners, one for heating and one for water heating purpose. This model is successfully and will be produced for 18 years.
1978: the manufacturing activity expands itself in the solar-thermal field with a new patented solar panel called DISCOTERM. It’s cheap and the easiest model available in the market for installation and maintenance. Discoterm is still in production and it represents an example of incredible long-lived solar thermal panel in the Italian market.
1987: ATI starts a new "leisure time" division. It’s dedicated to the production of heating and sanitary hot water appliances, supplied by gas or electrically. These appliances are conceived for the leisure time market (vans, caravans, boats). The full division will be sold in 1991 to the American leading company of the field.
1988: in order to meet the different market needs in terms of security on the gas appliances, ATI starts the production of the storage gas fired water heater called SECURITY. It is the first model of storage gas fired water heater made with fan flued and sealed combustion chamber and electronic ignition.
1991: all the manufacturing plants are moved in a new factory of 5.000 covered square meters located in Cesena in the industrial area of Torre del Moro.
1994: the old manufacturing plant (approximately 3.000 sq.m) is dedicated to the flue system division, for the production of components and flue systems for gas fired appliances. The manufacturing programme includes a wide range of materials (stainless steel, aluminium and copper) with different dimensions. Of relevant importance are the huge investments for the production of electro welded pipes: starting by coil, after forming and rounding, the pipe is lengthwise welded in different diameters and dimensions.
1995: ATI opens the enamelling manufacturing plant, one of the most advanced and modern in Italy. This is a demonstration of the company’s care in securing the best quality in every production stage by checking and directly arranging the whole manufacturing process.
1995: All the gas fired appliances get the CE - European conformity certification regarding the gas rules.
1998: the "Boat Boiler" division is founded. The water heater range becomes wide with new models having a storage capacity from 12 up to 100 litres. These products are suitable to be used on a really wide range of applications: boats, vans, caravans, ambulances and military vehicles.
1998: the company gets the ISO 9002 certification regarding the company quality system.
2000: the company’s structure includes now also two independent companies that are fully dedicated to some very critical stages of the manufacturing process. These stages are the welding process of the water heater tanks and the painting process of the flue system articles and accessories.
2003 (Aprile): the covered surface is now about 13.000 sq.m because of the new leased adjacent area of 5.000 sq.m.
2005: It’s the time of the new "Outdoor showers" division. The showers are made of stainless steel AISI316L.
2006: ATI gets the certification CE UNI EN 1856/1 and UNI EN 1856/2 on the main part of the range of components and flue system accessories.
2007: the flue system range grows with the PPs (polypropylene) products for condensing boilers. The new range gets the certification CE UNI EN 14471. During the same year the solar thermal panel Discoterm gets the European certification Solar Keymark complying with EN 12976 (Certif from Portugal is the certification company).
2008: ATI starts building the new manufacturing plant of 1.100 sq.m. (on a new dedicated surface of 13.000 sq.m); ATI group’s manufacturing plant is now of 14.000 covered square meters (on a global surface of 38.200 sq.m).
2008: 35 years anniversary!!!
2009: the company quality system obtains the ISO 9001:2008 compliance certificate!
2010: ATI unveils the new manufacturing plant of polypropylene pipes for exhaust flue systems of condensing boilers.
2013: 40 years anniversary!!!