Quality policy

The management considers customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system as fundamental.The commitment in this direction is documented in the QUALITY POLICY elaborated by the same management.

The company has always set its policy to consolidate and maintain a high quality of its products, characterized by productions tending to excellence. Furthermore the standardization of production processes allows the containment of errors even if the productions are on a large scale.

To achieve these goals, the management, considering the analysis of the company context and the relevant stakeholders, considers the following fundamental:


  • Increase customer satisfaction by paying particular attention to the quality of their work through continuous communication with the customer, through the training of staff to enhance their skills and awareness and the adoption of advanced production facilities.
  • Always maintain the level of satisfaction of the stakeholders, in particular of their customers and partners.
  • Maintain a high quality of suppliers.
  • Maintaining the Quality System Certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 as a strategic factor of competitiveness and qualification on the market, as well as an outward evidence of the efficiency and effectiveness of corporate organizational structures.
  • Continuously improve its quality management system, through process monitoring, periodic definition of objectives, management review and corrective actions.
  • Continuously improving its products, under many aspects such as: safety, energy efficiency, reduction of environmental impact, economic convenience, innovation.
  • Facilitate the participatory process and the sharing of responsibilities, in particular of employees and collaborators and suppliers.
  • Respect the contractual requirements with the customers through the clarity of the commercial documentation and the competence of the staff.
  • Respect the requirements of directives, standards, regulations and applicable laws.


All company personnel are involved in the quality policy described above.

For this reason the management:


  • It promotes a climate of constructive collaboration among the operators
  • Enhance the specific skills of the operators and take responsibility for key company figures
  • Adopts the rotation of tasks within the same production department (and, when possible, even between departments)
  • Establishes measurable goals

The Quality Management System is based on a risk - based thinking approach that allows the organization to determine the factors that could generate deviations of the processes with respect to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard and to put in place preventive controls to minimize the negative effects and grasp at best the opportunities offered by the market.

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